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About Us

Dayan Sanat Sabz Company is a member of the industrial and mineral ministry's set of designing and engineering montage companies and has received the authorization of engineering services and the industrial activity certificate from the above mentioned ministry. The designing unit of this company consists of designing engineers who constantly are studying and researching to improve the products well and to present the new kinds of industrial machineries.
About us
Dayan Sanat Sabz co. began its activities in the field of designing, manufacturing ,installing ,starting of mineral micronized superfine powder machineries ,tile  and ceramic industrial , since 1993 and has received the authorization of engineering service and the industrial activity certificate from the above mentioned ministry Thus its  our activity continued in tow parts , design and consulting ,manufacturing , installing
This 2500  square meters producing workshop of this company is located in the industrial area of Shahre Ghods. The company has more than 60 experienced personals and all the producing equipments has the ability of manufacturing different types of industrial machineries.
The main activities of this company are as follows:
Designing, manufacturing, installing and starting:
1-Mineral machineries Micronized superfine powder, manufacturing lines from sizes 2500 iron free with the hardness from 1-8.
2-Concentration and processing mineral and chemical materials manufacturing lines.
3-Paint powder spraying manufacturing lines.
4-Dry Tile and ceramic machinary
5-Manufacturing lines of body and glaze preparation in tile and ceramic industries.
6-Consulting and designing of mineral processing lines.
7-Design , manufacture all of metal equipment ,structure granule , product silo, industrial machineries factory spare part .


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